Registration information and deadlines

Registration is available to all students at the same time; be sure to register for Summer Session courses early, as some fill quickly.

Deadlines for Summer term 2020 will be posted in the spring.


Late registration fees and refund schedule

Be sure to register early for your summer classes to avoid late registration fees. A late registration fee will be assessed for all initial registrations after each session begins. Each registration change after the stated deadlines will be charged a $20.00 late registration processing fee. For more information view the Special Fees tab via the Office of the Registrar.

All course load reductions, including dropping or withdrawing from a class, or withdrawal from the university, are subject to the following refund schedule:

Session 1 (11-week courses):
By close of add/drop period 100% June 30
Course Withdrawal after add/drop period 50% July 14
Changes after July 14 0%  
Session 3 (8-week courses):
By close of add/drop period 100% June 27
Course Withdrawal after add/drop period 50% July 9
Changes after July 9 0%  
For classes lasting less than 8 weeks*:
  100% 50%
1 week 1st day 2nd day
2 weeks 1st day 3rd day
3 weeks 2nd day 5th day
4 weeks 2nd day 6th day
5 weeks 3rd day 8th day
6 weeks 3rd day 9th day
7 weeks  4th day 11th day

*Deadlines refer to the number of weekdays, beginning with the first day of the session (excluding Saturdays and Sundays). Classes must be dropped by the close of the day to get the associated refund.

Withdrawal from Summer Session

A student who remains enrolled in a course(s) after the Last Day to Withdraw deadline for a session is responsible for completing the course(s) in that session or must petition to withdraw late from individual course(s). This petition can be completed by submitting a Petition for a Late Change of Registration form.  

A student who has dropped/withdrawn from all Summer session courses in accordance with posted deadlines will be considered as having withdrawn from the term. Term withdrawal processing will be completed by the Office of the Registrar at the conclusion of the Summer term. 

For more information visit the Withdraw from the Term page on the Registrar website.

For more information on how withdrawal can alter financial aid disbursements, please visit the Withdrawal - Additional Rules for Short Sessions tab. 

NOTE: Students who withdraw from the University for the Summer Session will receive W grades in ALL Summer Session courses that have not been completed.