In-State Tuition for All

Capitalize on one of summer term's greatest perks

Pursuing a college education is one of the most important investments you will make in life. And taking summer classes at Oregon State is one of the best ways to capitalize on your investment.

Save this Summer

How so? Here are two examples:

1. Everyone pays in-state tuition* in summer for on-campus courses. Whether your hometown is Portland, Pittsburgh or Paris, you'll pay in-state tuition* and fees during summer term for Corvallis and HMSC campus based courses. If you're used to paying nonresident rates, this means big savings.

For example, a nonresident undergraduate student would save 38 percent on tuition for a 3-credit class in summer compared to the rest of the year. A nonresident graduate student would save 60 percent for a 3-credit course during summer.

2. Summer classes help you graduate sooner. Given the in-state-tuition-for-all* perk, you should consider taking multiple courses this summer in order to maximize the benefit. The majority of students who enroll in summer classes tell us they do so because it puts them on the fast track to graduation.

That means you have your degree in hand sooner than expected, which allows you to launch your career or post-graduate studies in a more timely fashion.

Oregon State is an outstanding university any time of year, but few things are better than a summer in Corvallis. Best of all, OSU's summer classes last anywhere from one week to 11 weeks, giving you time to handle your academic affairs and still go to work, go on vacation or head back home – wherever it may be.

*Does not apply to OSU Ecampus, VetMed or PharmD courses or INTO students