Payment Obligation

After you register, tuition and fees for summer classes will not be posted to student accounts until late June. Tuition and fees are charged based on the total number of credits for which you register during the entire summer term, not the number of credits during each individual session.

For example, the following scenario would equal 11 total credits of tuition/fees:

     Session 2     4 credits 
     Session 4    4 credits
     Session 5    3 credits


 11 credits

Student account statements are produced at the beginning of each month (e.g. July). Unpaid balances remaining after the 1st of the following month (e.g. August) become past due and will be assessed an interest charge. Past due balances may prevent future access to registration and transcripts. The Business Affairs website contains more information.

Billing statement and online payment

When you finish registering, your schedule is official and you are officially registered in the university. This obligates you to pay all tuition and fees for your classes. If you wish to cancel this commitment and reduce or eliminate tuition charges for the term, you must officially cancel your registration or withdraw from the university. Our tuition reduction and refund schedule provides you with key deadlines.

Electronic billing statements are sent via ONID email on the 5th of each month. OSU currently accepts eCheck, paper checks, money orders and cash as acceptable payment methods. You can view your billing statement, pay your bill and find more student billing information online.

Financial aid & scholarship refunds

Authorized financial aid is released to student accounts the week before the start of summer term. Students who receive a paper check will have their refund mailed to their current mailing address. Students who have active direct deposit will have their refunds direct deposited to their bank account. Learn more about OSU's financial aid refund policy.