Tuition Chart

Everyone pays in-state tuition during summer term!*

*excludes OSU Ecampus, VetMed and PharmD courses and INTO students

OSU Summer Session 2018 tuition/fees matrix

Tuition/fees based on level of course(s) taken, not student level, unless otherwise noted in the degree-seeking students listing below.


Undergrad courses are $201 per credit + fees.

1 $409.29 $201.00 $610.29
2 $409.29 $402.00 $811.29
3 $409.29 $603.00 $1,012.29
4 $409.29 $804.00 $1,213.29
5 $409.29 $1,005.00 $1,414.29
6 $409.29 $1,206.00 $1,615.29
7 $409.29 $1,407.00 $1,816.29
8 $409.29 $1,608.00 $2,017.29
9 $409.29 $1,809.00 $2,218.29


Graduate courses are $457 per credit + fees.

1 $409.29 $457.00 $866.29
2 $409.29 $914.00 $1,323.29
3 $409.29 $1,371.00 $1,780.29
4 $409.29 $1,828.00 $2,237.29
5 $409.29 $2,285.00 $2,694.29
6 $409.29 $2,742.00 $3,151.29
7 $409.29 $3,199.00 $3,608.29
8 $409.29 $3,656.00 $4,065.29
9 $409.29 $4,113.00 $4,522.29

* Mandatory fees include building ($34), incidental ($221.57) and health services ($153.72) fees.

The charts on this page do NOT include the following:

  • Course/program fees: special fees (lab, supplies, transportation, etc.) may accompany specific courses or be assessed as noted in the OSU schedule of classes
  • Degree-seeking students participating in specialized degrees (see below) will pay tuition/fees based on the criteria within their individual program
    • Undergraduate degrees
      • Business
      • Design Programs: Pre-Apparel Design, Apparel Design, Pre-Interior Design, Interior Design, Merchandising Management
      • Engineering: Pre-Engineering / Pro-Engineering
      • Forestry: Forestry, Forest Eng., Pre-Forest Eng./Civil Eng., Prof. Forest Eng./Civil Eng., Forest Mgmt., Forest Operations Mgmt., Renewable Materials
    • Graduate degrees
      • Business: Masters of Business Administration, Accountancy MBA, Masters in Design Programs 
      • Pharmacy: Pharm-D
      • Public Health & Human Sciences: Master of Public Health
      • Science: Professional Science Masters
      • Veterinary Medicine
      • OSU/OSHU Oregon Medical
  • Nondegree-seeking students taking 8 credits or fewer will have the student health service fee ($153.72) waived.
  • Ecampus courses (online and distance) delivered by OSU Ecampus are assessed separate tuition/fees. See OSU Ecampus tuition/fees.

Please see the 2018 OSU Summer Session tuition/fee book for additional details.

Precautionary measures have been taken to insure the accuracy of this posted information. Please refer to the OSU Tuition and Fee Information webpage for official policies.

For students taking a combination of undergraduate and graduate level courses, use the following matrix to determine tuition/fees:

  1. Determine the number of undergraduate and graduate credits you are registering for.
  2. Find the corresponding numbers on the schedule (in bold across the top and down the left side).
  3. Read across the schedule to find the dollar figure corresponding to the number of credits you wish to take.
    Example (shaded): If you wish to take 6 undergraduate credits and 3 graduate credits, the amount you would pay is $2,986.29.

Summer Session 2018 tuition/fees matrix* (combined UG and GR course levels)

Tuition/fees based on level of course(s) taken, not student level, unless otherwise noted in the degree-seeking students listing below

 Graduate Credits (Course level 500+)
Undergraduate Credits (Course level 100-499)
Credits 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
0 $0 $866.29 $1,323.29 $1,780.29 $2,237.29 $2,694.29 $3,151.29
1 $610.20 $1,067.29 $1,524.29 $1,981.29 $2,438.29 $2,895.29 $3,352.29
2 $811.29 $1,268.29 $1,725.29 $2,182.29 $2,639.29 $3,096.29 $3,553.29
3 $1,012.29 $1,469.29 $1,926.29 $2,383.29 $2,840.29 $3,297.29 $3,754.29
4 $1,213.29 $1,670.29 $2,127.29 $2,584.29 $3,041.29 $3,498.29 $3,955.29
5 $1,414.29 $1,871.29 $2,328.29 $2,785.29 $3,242.29 $3,699.29 $4,156.29
6 $1,615.29 $2,072.29 $2,529.29 $2,986.29 $3,443.29 $3,900.29 $4,357.29
7 $1,816.29 $2,273.29 $2,730.29 $3,187.29 $3,644.29 $4,101.29 $4,558.29
8 $2,017.29 $2,474.29 $2,931.29 $3,388.29 $3,845.29 $4,302.29 $4,759.29

Graduate students

All advanced degree students on campus during the summer using facilities or staff time in furtherance of their graduate studies must register for at least 3 credits.

Graduate assistants

If you are a graduate assistant on a 12-month or Summer Session appointment, you are required to register for at least 9 credits. Effective with the Summer of 2017, the minimum requirement for graduate assistant fee remission is 3 graded credit hours. If you are a graduate research assistant, you must have approval of your research supervisor if you wish to carry more than 12 credits.

Information regarding Ecampus online courses for GTA/GRA requirements can be found on the Ecampus website.

Additional information can be found on the Business Affairs website.

Audit registration

Audit registration permits a student to enroll in a course for no credit and no grade. Students may register for a course on an audit basis (space permitting) by obtaining instructor approval prior to registration. The course instructor will determine the requirements for an audited course. Audit registration begins with the first day of a class and ends with the close of registration (i.e., the last day to add/drop; see the registration dates table). Audit Registration forms are available at the Registrar's Office. Audit courses are not offered as 'free' or 'no-charge' courses and are assessed standard tuition/fees at the same rate as credit courses. Any changes to an audit registration are subject to the same procedures, deadlines, and special fees as registration changes to regular courses. Upon completion of an audited course, the designation of "AUD" will be recorded on the transcript. The designation of "WAU" will be recorded for students who withdraw from an audit course.

Staff and staff dependents

Information regarding staff and staff dependent discounts is available on the OSU staff fee privileges webpage.

Course audits for senior citizens

If you are 65 or over, you may audit a class (non-credit/non-degree basis) on a space-available basis with consent of the instructor. Courses audited by senior citizens have tuition and mandatory fees waived, but course fees and special supply fees still apply. If you are attending OSU for the first time and are not seeking a degree, you will need to apply online as a non-degree seeking student through the Office of Admissions (541-737-4411) and pay a non-refundable fee. If you have attended OSU in the past or want to obtain a degree, please contact the Office of Admissions directly to determine specific admission requirements and procedures for your situation.

The course instructor will determine the requirements for an audited course and must give approval prior to registration. For additional information and requirements for auditing a course please contact the Office of the Registrar (541-737-4331).

Qualifying students (non-credit/non-degree) can register for a maximum of 8 credits per term. If you are a degree-seeking student, please contact the Office of the Registrar (541-737-4331) for maximum credit loads for course audits.

If you have specific questions about your student account billing statement, please contact Business Affairs/Student Accounts (541-737-3775).