Tuition & Deadlines

This section of our site covers important information about tuition, fees and deadlines. Specific topics are listed on the right of this page.

Students spelling OSU with their armsWhat is summer tuition for 2018?

Did you know that everyone pays in-state tuition during summer term at OSU?*

Go to our tuition chart, which outlines cost per undergraduate and graduate credit. Please note that this chart lists tuition for Corvallis campus classes only. Visit Ecampus if you are looking for tuition rates for online classes. Also, don't forget to review information about additional fees, which often depend on your program of study. You may also view the Registration Dates & Deadline Info chart.

When is tuition posted to my account?

Please note that after you register, tuition and fees for summer classes will be posted to your student account near the middle of June. Tuition and fees are charged based on the total credits for which you register during the entire summer term, not the number of credits during each individual session. For more information, read about your payment obligation.

What if I need a refund?

There are several sessions throughout the summer, and each one entails a separate reduction and refund schedule.

*Excludes Ecampus, VetMed and PharmD courses and INTO students.