Natural Resources Leadership Academy

*This program is currently on HOLD for Summer 2018 as an academy.  However, several of the courses listed here (below) will likely be offered as regular summer session courses, so check the links to the Schedule of Classes often to confirm availability. Please contact Summer Session with any questions:, 541-737-9608.

Introduction to Natural Resources Leadership Academy

Learn. Network. Inspire.

Oregon State University's Natural Resources Leadership Academy brings together professionals and graduate students from across the world to establish connections, enhance leadership skills and learn from experts on timely, relevant topics in today's changing world.

With a reputation for teaching and research excellence in various natural resources disciplines, internationally renowned faculty lead participants through a variety of topics covering areas of conflict management, communication, sustainable natural resources and leadership.

Tracks offered:

While the integrated academy itself will not be operating in summer 2018, several of the courses may be offered independently. Please check the OSU course catalog for updates to confirm availability of the following:

Natural Resources & Community Values (ANTH 581 / 4 credits)
GIS in Water Resources (CE 513 / 3 credits)
Collaborative Governance (PPOL 544 / 4 credits)
Environmental Politics and Policy (PS 575 / 4 credits)
Social Aspects of Sustainable Natural Resources (SNR 520 / 3 credits)
Sustainable Business Planning & Assessment (SUS 514 / 4 credits)
Water Conflict Management and Transformation (WRP 521 / 3 credits)
Resilient and Robust Resource Management (WRP 599 / 3 credits)


For questions or assistance, please contact:
Summer Session