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Crystal ParmanCrystal Parman

Year: Senior

Major: Liberal Studies

Hometown: Gresham, OR 

What courses did you take during the summer?
MUS 102 Music Appreciation: Rock & Roll

Why did you choose to stay in Corvallis and take summer courses? 
I chose to stay in Corvallis because it was personally the best suited location for me at the time, and I was actually already behind in my requirements, so I used summer school as an opportunity to try and catch up a bit. I have taken summer school classes for three summer terms during my time at OSU.

What did you think was the best aspect or benefit of OSU Summer Session?
The benefits of summer classes include the smaller class size and also the faster and more focused pace of the classes. Since you have less classes, at least I did, it is easier to concentrate on the few you are taking and really put thought and effort into them.

How has taking Summer Session courses helped you catch up, speed up or jump ahead in your course requirements or degree program?
Summer Session has helped me to not fall further behind in my course requirements by taking classes that are only offered during the summer.

What would you tell someone who was interested in taking courses at OSU during Summer Session?
I would definitely recommend Summer Session to most students who are interested. I would tell them to be aware of the fast pace of the class, but that they will earn their credits very quickly, and will get more interaction with their professors and other students if they choose to. There also seems to be a better sense of community among students who attend classes during the summer.

Do you plan to take courses again this upcoming summer?
I have taken summer school classes for three summer terms during my time at OSU, but this spring I will be graduating, so I do not plan on taking any this summer.

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