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Dennis LaneDennis Lane

Year: Senior

Major: Earth Science and Education

Hometown: Redmond, OR

What courses did you take during the summer?
GEO 335 Intro to Water Science & Policy, SED 413 Science Materials and Laboratories, TCE 418 Civil Rights in Education, TCE 320 Fostering Supportive Learning Environments.

Why did you choose to stay in Corvallis and take summer courses?
Staying in Corvallis and taking summer classes allowed me to get ahead of my course load and allowed me to be more flexible with my course work during the rest of the year.

What did you think was the best aspect or benefit of OSU Summer Session?
The classes were smaller and allowed me to build strong ties and friendships between my fellow students and the professor.

How has taking Summer Session courses helped you catch up, speed up or jump ahead in your course requirements or degree program?
It gave me more flexibility in the courses I could take during the rest of the year. I no longer had to "cram" classes into my schedule, I could really focus on my remaining classes.

What would you tell someone who was interested in taking courses at OSU during Summer Session?
Be prepared...The length of the class is often shortened and the classes can go really fast. You really have to stay focused.

Do you plan to take courses again this upcoming summer?
Hopefully I will graduate this spring and will not need to take any additional classes, thanks to the work and time I spent last summer taking Summer Session courses.

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