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Paul HeimPaul Heim

Year: Junior

Major: Finance

Hometown: Portland, OR

What courses did you take during the summer?
Comm 111 and WR 214

Why did you choose to stay in Corvallis and take summer courses?
I was able to work and complete course credits that otherwise would have been a burden to my regular schedule for fall, winter and spring terms.

What did you think was the best aspect or benefit of OSU Summer Session?
Summer Session courses are awesome, because the professors and teaching assistants have additional time to offer help and knowledge.  The class sizes are incredibly smaller and the environment of the classroom tends to be relaxing, due to the nice weather.  

How has taking Summer Session courses helped you catch up, speed up or jump ahead in your course requirements or degree program?
Summer classes have pushed me ahead in my curriculum.  This has been a great asset when registering for courses during the traditional academic year, because with more credits you get to register sooner. I have also been able to take more elective courses during the regular academic year because I was ahead in credits from the summer term. 

What would you tell someone who was interested in taking courses at OSU during Summer Session?
I would strongly suggest Summer Session courses because summer credits create flexibility when planning for the upcoming year’s academic schedule. 

Do you plan to take courses again this upcoming summer?
I will be unable to take Summer Session courses this upcoming summer due to an internship in London.  If I were not doing an internship, I would be taking summer courses at Oregon State to further my education.

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