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Sarah CooleySarah Cooley

Year: Junior

Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Hometown: Pleasanton, CA

What courses did you take during the summer?
WR 327 Technical Writing and PAC 159 Ballroom Dance and the summer before I took COMM 114 Argument and Critical Discourse, CS 261 Data Structures, HHS231, and MTH 306 Matricies and Power Series.

Why did you choose to stay in Corvallis and take summer courses?
I was able to pay in-state tuition and I wanted to take advantage of inexpensive summer housing.

What did you think was the best aspect or benefit of OSU Summer Session?
Definitely smaller classes combined with a more relaxed atmosphere.  No one is stressed during the summer, so life is less fast-paced and there is more personal time.  The classes are also more flexible with the different term lengths.  This past summer I only took classes during the first four weeks.

How has taking Summer Session courses helped you catch up, speed up or jump ahead in your course requirements or degree program?
I am double majoring and most computer science classes are offered during the summer as well as during the normal academic year.  Summer classes combined with AP credit from high school have allowed me to stay on track for graduating in four years.

What would you tell someone who was interested in taking courses at OSU during Summer Session?
If you have the option to complete an internship at your dream job or traveling, be sure to do that.  Otherwise, summer term classes are an excellent way to take classes, work part time, live inexpensively and enjoy the summer while getting ahead.

Do you plan to take courses again this upcoming summer?
I do plan on taking Summer Session courses again this summer.  I'll probably take CS 275 Databases,  WR 222 Writing and another dance class.

Watch Sarah talk about her involvement in OSU's Open Source Lab in this YouTube video.

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