Current and Visiting Students

Summer Session StudentIf you're a Current OSU Student, you probably already know your way around. However, if you've never registered for Summer Session before, please continue this tour to see how easy it is to get started. Simply choose the courses you'd like to take from the Schedule of Classes on the catalog website and register for them during registration that begins in April. For summer term, registration is open to all students at the same time, so be sure to register for your Summer Session courses early, as some fill quickly.

Summer Session also offers a great opportunity for Visiting Students to take OSU courses without being fully admitted to OSU. Visiting students are usually students from other colleges who come to OSU for the summer term and then transfer their credits back to their home college. They can also be students who plan to attend OSU on a part-time basis, either for credit or auditing purposes. As a visiting student, you'll go to classes and take exams just like other OSU students, establish an OSU transcript and earn full college credits that can be transferred to your home college.