Top 10 Reasons

Outside the Memorial UnionHere are our Top 10 Reasons for taking Summer Session classes at OSU:

  1. Explore something new
  2. Take advantage of In-state Tuition for all students*
  3. Stay on track for graduation
  4. Smaller classes provide more one-on-one time with instructors
  5. Complete a full-year (three-term) course sequence in only one term
  6. Attend special events (on campus and throughout the Corvallis community)
  7. Take professional development courses
  8. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere
  9. Complete quick seminars
  10. Participate in workshops and mini courses

Read our Student Profiles to find out why OSU Summer Session is a great time to catch up, speed up and jump ahead in your degree requirements.

* Excludes Ecampus, VetMed and PharmD courses, and INTO students.