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Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon; Vol. 4, #1
February 9, 2011


Woman with dog5 reasons to stick around OSU this summer

Not sure what to do this summer? Here are five great reasons to make OSU your summer hot spot!

  • Other students are doing it!
    Yep, thousands of students attended OSU's Summer Session in 2010. In fact, enrollment on the OSU-Corvallis campus was over 6,300. Each summer, Corvallis offers a wealth of activities and events both on- and off-campus, like concerts, indoor/outdoor theatre shows and the impressive da Vinci Days. Have you ever seen a kinetic sculpture racing through a sand dune and deep, sticky mud? It's a sight to see!
  • In-state tuition!
    Are you currently paying out-of-state tuition? Not during the summer! All students pay in-state tuition for Summer Session classes. For non-resident students, Summer Session is definitely an excellent opportunity to save a few bucks.
  • Catch up - jump ahead!
    Summer Session offers more than 900 courses in 50 departments, yet it's organized a bit differently than an academic term at OSU. Within summer term, there are six sessions with classes ranging from one week to 11 weeks in length. So depending on the subject, you could actually complete a full science or language series (that's three terms worth!) of courses in just one term. For example, check out the CH 121/122/123 courses which are offered back-to-back as a 4-week, 4-week & 3-week series. With that sort of schedule, you increase your chances of graduating on time, and ease your course load for future terms.
  • Smaller classes!
    Imagine taking a class with fewer students that offered you greater opportunities for collaborative interactions and feedback on coursework. During Summer Session it's possible. Classes tend to be smaller in size, which helps support engaging environments for both faculty and classmates alike.
  • It's sunny!
    Experience OSU at its best! Especially in its lush, green glory and floral beauty - June through September. Summer is that rare time when you kick off your shoes and enjoy the warmth of the sun while studying on the grass at the MU Quad. Remember all those photos you see on the OSU website of our beautiful campus engulfed in sunshine - that's summer! So stick around and check it out first hand!

Book9 more weeks until Summer Session registrations begins

Even though it is cold outside, it's not too early to start warming up to summer. So grab a blanket, a little hot chocolate and get acquainted with the Summer Session Schedule of Classes. The full, searchable catalog of available summer 2011 courses is now online. Registration for Summer Session 2011 starts April 10 (Sunday, 12:01 a.m.). Visit Summer Session ( and start making plans for summer at OSU.

See the complete Summer 2011 Calendar for key dates to plan your summer.

ScienceGot a band that can rock the house? Prove it!

The MU Program Council (MUPC) is hosting the 2011 Battle of the Bands/Flat Tail Music Festival (June 3 & 4) which means this is your opportunity to test your musical skills and go head-to-head with talented local bands. Auditions for the event are being held this month, February 26 & 27 and application materials are available at

This year as a kick-off to summer at OSU, Summer Session is sponsoring the annual event which takes place on the MU Quad and draws crowds in excess of 3,000 students.


Marine biology with HMSC on the Oregon coast!

If you're interested in marine biology or just looking to get your feet wet, then you should try a summer OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center course (housing & scholarships available).

  • BI 150 - Introduction to Marine Biology (06/20 - 08/14 online; two days on-site
  • BI/FW 302 - Biology and Conservation of Marine Mammals (06/20 - 07/15)
  • FW 499 - Ecology of Marine and Estuarine Birds (06/20 - 07/15)

Come study and explore the wonders of marine and estuary life on the beautiful Oregon coast!

GlobeCan't stick around for Summer Session?

If you can't stay in Corvallis this summer, why not consider taking classes online? OSU Ecampus offers more than 150 courses online in over 35 subjects. Jump ahead in your degree program even if you are in the middle of northern Minnesota or trekking through Europe. All you need is an Internet connection. Search for available online courses in the Ecampus Schedule of Classes or in the OSU Schedule of Classes Searcher by selecting "Ecampus - Distance Ed" under the section labeled: "With courses offered through...."

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