Web Registration Worksheet

Please read and complete this worksheet before logging into web registration. Hint: Print this out for a handy reference.

You may also want to watch the Add/Drop a Course tutorial and the Wait List tutorial videos.

  1. Create your ONID account. Your ONID account is your username and password that will access all university systems.

  2. Go to the myosu.oregonstate.edu and login using your ONID username and password.

  3. Select the "Student" tab. 

  4. Select "Registration Tools" and then "Add/Drop Classes"

  5. Select the appropriate term and click Enter.

  6. Web registration is self-guiding and self-paced. Go as fast or slow as you want. Read the instructions on the web screens and note the various links and buttons to additional pages. Use the scroll down function and right/left arrows.

  7. If you are using an Apple computer, the "Back" button on your web browser should NOT be used.

  8. If you are unable to register, go to the "Check Your Registration Status" page from the Registration Menu to find out why. If you have a hold on your registration, select "View Holds" from the Records Menu to show the office and phone number you need to contact.

  9. With "Search for Classes to Add" or "Class Search," you will be able to look up additional classes and see up-to-the minute information about each class. Scroll side-to-side to see all information. If a class looks desirable, you may check the box and add the class to your worksheet. Courses appearing with a "Time Conflict" message will conflict with courses in which you are already registered.

    Example worksheet
    Course Reference
    Number (CRN)
    Credits Dept Course Number Day & Time
    __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____ ________ __________
    __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____ ________ __________
    __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____ ________ __________
    __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____ ________ __________
    __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____ ________ __________
    __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____ ________ __________
    __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _____ ________ __________
  10. When you try registering for a closed class, you now can add your name to a wait list. (NOTE: Not every section has wait listing.) Type the CRN into the registration worksheet and click Submit. Use the drop down box in the Action column to choose Wait List. Then click Submit again to add yourself to the wait list. All registration restrictions (prerequisites, major/minor/option, etc...), with the exception of Duplicates, Links, and Time Conflicts, are enforced at the time a student wait lists the course. However, any duplicates, links, and time conflicts must be resolved at the time the student enrolls in the wait listed course. When an opening becomes available you will receive an email directing you to return to your registration and enroll in the course within the designated 24 hour window. If you do not register for the course within 24 hours you will be dropped from the wait list. At the time you attempt to register for the course the system will check for registration errors including; Time Conflicts, Duplicates, and Link Errors. If you have a registration error, you must resolve it and enroll with the 24 hours or you will be removed from the wait list and the available seat will be passed on to the next student on the wait list. If you have been removed from the wait list but still want to take the course, you will need to add yourself to the wait list again, however you will be placed at the bottom of the list. For more information, see http://oregonstate.edu/registrar/waitlisting-courses.     

  11. If registering for a variable credit course, web registration will give you the lowest number of credits available for that course. You may then select "Change Class Credits" to change the number to what you desire. Be sure to verify your change.

  12. There are two ways to view your schedule. Try them both.
    Review your schedule frequently!

    • View your Student Schedule by time and day. This is a great way to view your schedule in block form.
    • View your Student Detail Schedule for information including instructor, grade mode, and more.

  13. For access to the OSU web registration pages from off campus, you will need the following:

    • Internet access (e.g., Comcast, Qwest, Proaxis, Peak, etc.)
    • A modern web browser (e.g., Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer).
    • If you are using an employer's Internet access, you may find that your employer's setup has a proxy. This proxy has to be SSL compatible. For more information, see Computer Help Documents.

  14. Important! Be sure to use the "Submit Changes" button to process all web registration requests. To verify changes, view or print your schedule.

Help line: 541-737-4331 (during business hours Mon.-Fri., 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)