Step-by-Step Instructions

Before registering for courses, please make sure that you have completed the following steps. Hint: Print this out for a handy reference.

1. Get admitted.

Before you can register you will need to complete some steps with our Admissions office. Visiting students during summer will need to apply for “non-degree” status before registering. (Note: this does not apply to degree-seeking students already admitted to OSU, or to visiting students who previously applied for non-degree status and took an OSU class within the past year, (i.e., summer 2017 classes or later.) This process typically takes 48 hours and requires a one-time fee. You will receive confirmation that you can register via email. Please review the detailed information about non-degree admissions status at the Office of Admissions site for Non-Degree students. If you are planning to apply for formal admissions to the university, applications are available on the Office of Admissions’ website.  As well, if you are already an 'active' OSU student (i.e. degree seeking or non-degree seeking; having taken classes within the last 12 months), you can continue to the next step as you do not need to re-apply for admission.

2. Review web registration worksheet.

At this point in time, you’ll also want to review or print out OSU’s Web Registration Worksheet, which gives directions and important information about logging on to the web registration system. It also points out how to look up specific information within the system, i.e., checking your registration status or viewing your schedule.

3. Select your courses.

View summer term course offerings through OSU’s online schedule of classes (SOC). Be sure to note course requirements and prerequisites. For Corvallis Campus classes and classes at HMSC, visit our on-site courses page. For distance classes please see the Ecampus website.

Need help? If we can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are having specific problems with your OSU ID number or GAP number, contact the Office of the Registrar at 541-737-4331.

4. Review and record your course information.

After you have selected your courses, write down the course registration number (CRN) for each class, the course number (ex. MTH 211), the course title, credits, and the dates/locations. Make sure that the class you want to take isn’t cancelled or already full, and that you meet the course prerequisites.

5. Have your OSU ID and general access pin (GAP) number handy.

Your student ID is the nine digit system-generated number which you should have received with your admissions letter (or via email if you completed the non-degree student admissions process online). Your GAP is your personal identification number, originally assigned as your 6-digit birthday (mmddyy). When you first login to the system, it will prompt you to change your GAP to a more secure number. Write this number down, as it will be your “password” each time you login. You will need both of these numbers to access your grades at the end of the term. NOTE: You will not have a student ID or GAP number if you have not been admitted to OSU (see item 1 above).

6. Review your specific session dates.

Identify important term and registration dates, i.e., first day of term, as well as the tuition reduction and refund schedule for last day to add/drop classes and any associated fees.

7. Register online

To access the web registration system, go to MyOSU and login using you ONID user name and password.