Intersession at OSU

Intersession is the short break between the traditional academic terms at Oregon State. The Summer Session office administers intersession courses no matter which academic quarter they are assigned to on the schedule.

Two male students working in The Valley LibraryAny course that begins during the break between any two terms is considered an intersession course. Some examples are faculty-led study abroad courses over spring break, or Z 499/599 Oregon's Insect Diversity, which was offered between summer and fall terms.

Tuition and fees

Students are charged regular Summer Session tuition for intersession courses, according to the course level and the student's rate code. For campus-based and hybrid courses, regular fees apply. These are the mandatory fees that include building, incidental and health service fees.

Fees for study abroad programs are calculated by the hosting department, with guidance from the OSU Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO), and are dependent upon the location, duration and content of the travel experience.


Grades for intersession classes are assigned to the term following the course.


For more information on intersession courses, email Claire Cross or Maurine Powell in the Summer Session office, or call 800-375-9359.