Academic Help

Get the help you need in person and online

  • Do you want to refine the study-skills you already have?
  • Are you struggling with your classwork?
  • Need ideas for time management?
  • Wondering how to take notes more effectively?
  • How about tips for avoiding procrastination?
  • Would test taking strategies help you?

Check out the Academic Success Center (ASC) located in Waldo Hall where you can receive assistance in the above areas and more. Call 541-737-2272 for an Academic Coaching appointment, schedule online or stop by Waldo Room 102 and check out their services. Be sure to explore the new Learning Corner section on the ASC's website where you will find information on the memory process, planning, reading and learning strategies and more.

For more information 

Academic Success Center
102 Waldo Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331

For assistance with writing you can visit the writing desk in the Collaborative Learning Center in The Valley Library at any stage in the writing process. For more information, contact the Writing Center.

For more information

Writing Center
123 Waldo Hall Corvallis, OR 97331