With more than 1,300 courses to choose from, summer at Oregon State has a lot to offer. Because summer term is split into multiple class lengths (called sessions), you can take a one-week class in communications, a three-week class in biology or an 11-week class in math.

You have more options in summer, giving you the opportunity to move forward in your degree program and still have time for summer travel, a job or just hanging out with family and friends. You really can do it all this summer.

Current OSU students

If you are a current Oregon State student, registering for summer classes is just like registering for any other term. Visit the OSU schedule of classes to view the 2018 course offerings. Registration for summer term begins April 15.

Newly admitted for fall 2018 and interested in starting classes this summer?

If you are interested in starting your degree program during summer term instead of waiting until fall, you absolutely can. Transfer students and incoming freshmen have the option to start early at OSU. Your first step is to notify the Office of Admissions in writing so that your admission can be updated and your eligibility for registration established. Then fill out and submit the online change of term form.

You can contact the Office of Admissions at:

Oregon State University
104 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, OR 97331
541-737-4411; 800-291-4192

Visiting Oregon State this summer?

You can take college credit courses without being fully admitted to Oregon State or committed to an OSU degree program. Many students from other institutions come to Corvallis for the summer to take one or more classes and then transfer the credit to their home institutions.

To get started, complete the nondegree admissions application (and pay a $30 (undergraduate) or $35 (graduate) nonrefundable fee). Once the application has been processed, you will be eligible to register for classes starting on April 15.

Dual enrollment students

If you are a Degree Partnership Program student at one of Oregon State's community college partners, you can take OSU summer classes. Learn more about the Degree Partnership Program.