You really can do it all this summer

Summer in Corvallis. It's a beautiful thing.

There's no other time of year at Oregon State when you can pull off such a productive balancing act – taking classes in order to graduate on schedule, completing major course work and still having time to work or travel. Because OSU's summer term is split into multiple course lengths (called sessions) that last from one week to 11 weeks, you really can do it all this summer.

Oregon State Summer Session - You can do it all this summer

Plan to take summer courses

Registration for OSU summer classes starts on April 15. Whether you're looking for on-campus courses, courses at the coast through Hatfield Marine Science Center or online courses delivered by OSU Ecampus, you have more than 1,300 to choose from. Check out the schedule of classes today!

Taking summer courses (even just one) will help you:

  • Graduate on time
  • Lighten your course load for next year
  • Take that class you couldn't get into
  • Finish a year's worth of foreign language (or chemistry or biology) in one term

Six course sessions to choose from

Summer is unique at Oregon State. Not only does it offer 1,300 undergraduate and graduate courses on campus, but it also offers six course sessions of various lengths. Want to complete a 3-credit class in one week and still have time for summer travel? You really can do it this summer. Check out the complete summer calendar to plan your time at OSU.

All students pay in-state tuition

Tuition and fees for summer courses are based on regular, in-state prices. That means Oregonians, Minnesotans, Floridians and where-ever-you-are-from-ians pay the same tuition for OSU classes in the summer.*

*Excludes Ecampus, VetMed and PharmD courses and INTO students.

Stay on campus - housing options available

Flexible summer-only housing contracts include a room and meal plan along with all the amenities of living on campus. The International Living Learning Center (ILLC) will be open to meet your housing needs, whether you are attending a short-term seminar, an eight- or 11-week session, or staying at OSU the entire summer. 

Not a current OSU student? No problem!

Just pick the type of student you are and follow the admission directions: