For Health Professionals

Summer 2018 Schedule

Public Health Program

This summer the Public Health (H) program at OSU offers courses designed to help schools, communities, health-related organizations and the business community meet the health challenges of the next decade.

H 100 Intro to Public Health (4)
A basic overview of public health. Uses a mix of lectures, guest speakers, classroom activities and homework to help students understand the role of public health in eliminating health disparities, understanding epidemics, and setting policy.

H 210 Intro to the Health Care System (3)
Provides tools to understand and critically assess the health care delivery system, its components, and the challenges created by its structure. The health care system will be considered from the perspective of several main players [e.g., patients, hospitals, doctors, health plans]. (Bacc Core Course)

H 225 Social and Individual Health Determinants (4)
Overview of the macro (social/system/environmental) and micro (individual) contributors to premature disease, disability and population health. Selected behavioral theories supporting health risks and strategies for the prevention of premature disease/disability and the promotion of health. (Bacc Core Course)

H 220 Health Data Analysis (3)
Introduction to the application of biostatistics and probability to the health sciences. Topics include quantitative analysis and inference, statistical methods in the biosciences, and quantitative study to evaluate and control health problems. PREREQS: MTH 105 or MTH 111 or higher mathematics.

H 310 Health Field Experiences (3-6)
Introductory field experience in a health or health-related worksite.

H 312 AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Modern Society (3)
Fundamental principles relating to etiology, nature, prevention, and control of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases in contemporary society; emphasis on social, psychological, legal, economic, and ethical issues surrounding these diseases.

H 319 Introduction to Health Policy (3)
Describe the policy development process, including problem conceptualization, agenda setting, role of interest groups and public opinion, analysis of alternatives and selection of policy alternative.

H 320 Introduction To Human Disease (3)
Fundamental principles relating to etiology, nature, prevention, and control of communicable and noncommunicable diseases in human populations. Special emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion in the high risk diseases of modern, industrialized society.

H 333 Global Public Health (3)
Introduction to the field of global health, its history, methods, and key principle; understanding global health inequities through case studies; overview of major global health prevention programs. (Bacc Core Course)

H 344 Foundations of Environmental Health
Introductory course examining environmentally-linked disease, and health effects associated with toxic substances, food quality, pesticides, air, water, and noise pollution, and solid/hazardous wastes.

H 407 Seminar (2)

Seminar to prepare students for their internship in public health. This course is repeatable for a maximum of 6 credits.

Measures of disease frequency; measures of effect; association and causation; sources of inaccuracy; experimental and observational study designs.

H 530 Health Policy Analysis (3)
Analysis of public policies affecting health care programs, services and organizations and the impact of those programs on citizens; processes by which health policy proposals are generated, promoted, defeated, modified and implemented.

Examines the nature of health and health care services and reviews the role of government and the free market on health services. Alternative ways of organizing, financing, and delivery of health care services are explored.

See OSU's Schedule of Classes for a complete listing of Public Health (H) courses offered at OSU this summer.