Hatfield Marine Science Center

Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, Ore.

Live and study on the Oregon coast this summer

Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) is a world-renowned research and teaching facility located in Newport, Ore., 56 miles west of the Corvallis campus. The facility's location on the Yaquina Bay estuary is about one mile from the open waters of the Pacific Ocean and provides a gradient from marine to freshwater habitats.

HMSC is adjacent to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and its visitors center features live, local specimens and research demonstrations.

Summer 2018 schedule of classes

Get your feet wet and your head fully immersed into marine biology by taking courses at Hatfield this summer. Visit the HMSC summer website for more information about the classes at Hatfield and other opportunities during the summer. (Please note that one year of introductory biology is a prerequisite for most of these courses. Other restrictions may apply.)

Coastal scenery

Take in the unique coastal scenery and develop and refine your photography skills by enrolling in Photographic Field Studies (ART 399/499). This 4-credit course is a portfolio-based intensive class that is held at the Oregon coast once per week.

Courses in the summer marine and environmental studies program at HMSC are designed to provide students with extensive hands-on field study of organisms in their natural habitats, coupled with interactive classroom or hybrid course formats.

This provides flexibility for students with limited time schedules (e.g. teachers and other professionals) with the added benefit of complete immersion in marine-focused topics. Summer term registration begins April 15, and HMSC summer courses start June 25.

Scholarships available

Through generous donations, scholarships are available for free or reduced-rate on-site housing during summer term. Students taking summer courses at HMSC can apply for:

  • HMSC Summer 2018 Housing Scholarship – funds up to eight students
  • Cecil and Martha MacGregor Scholarship in Marine Science – offers up to four housing scholarships

Visit the Hatfield Marine Science Center financial aid webpage for complete details.

The scholarship application deadline is May 1, 2018.

How do I register for classes on the coast?

Registering for classes on the coast follows the same steps as does registration for Corvallis campus classes. Review the step-by-step instructions for registering.

Housing and more information

Hatfield Marine Science Center facility

Visit the HMSC summer website for a complete list of summer 2018 courses, detailed course descriptions, housing and scholarship information.

You can also contact HMSC directly at:

Hatfield Marine Science Center
2030 SE Marine Science Dr.
Newport, OR 97365
Fax: 541-867-0138
Email: hmscacademic@oregonstate.edu